We offer high-value filament yarns for all textile applications, from home and contract textiles, automotive textiles and apparel, to hygiene products and technical applications. Our products are noted for their permanent functional properties. Our numerous specialities form one of the most comprehensive product ranges for fibre and filament yarns. Our yarns are low-pill, microfine, elastic, breathable, flame retardant or antimicrobial, depending on the requirements of the end product. In many instances several additional functions are combined in the one fibre/yarn. We offer special yarns for all textile applications, for use 100% or in blends with wool, cotton and other materials, as well as for nonwovens and technical applications. These are accompanied by a brand that is internationally known and by quality that is tested, both underpinned by the security of our trademark contracts. Our raw material polyester is not only friendly to the environment in its manufacture, but in all downstream stages of processing.